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VVS Carat Diamonds

50% larger THCa crystals in 50% HTE (4g) Our VVS Carat Diamonds are created from Fresh Frozen Plant Material and processed with the highest of quality control standards in mind.

VVS Melee Crystal

50% smaller THCa crystals in 50% HTE. These small crystals are bathing in a High terpene extract, so every jar is full of aromatic terps.

THCa Facet Crystal

97+% THCa crystals with a light coating of HTE. These ultra-processed gems can range from small grains to gravel sized pieces and they're definitely for experienced smokers only.

Terp Jelly

75% THCa, 25% HTE. Our Terp Jelly is pure cannabinoids and flavor, always rich in cannabinoids and high in terpene content.

Terp Honey

40% THCa, 60% HTE. Our Terp Honey is super sticky but still easy to work with. More high terpene extract for more of an aromatic flavor.

Live Sugar

Wet, crumbly texture, higher terpene content. Our Live Sugar is an amber sugar texture, with the best flavor profiles. The cannabis plant retains its valuable terpene profile.


Thin, brittle, translucent, and higher THC content! Our Shatter is a flawless amber glass transparency created with optimal terpene blends and provides the best presentation and performance.


Our wax bricks are dry and crumbly, but wonderfully pungent and extremely versatile for pipes, vaporizers, and dab rigs.

Sugar Wax

Our sugar wax has a sandy texture with a high terpene content. This easy to use product is very aromatic and made up of thousands of tiny crystals full of terpenes.


All Double Black Caviar is made at a ratio of 3 parts kief to 1 parts Bud, that's 3x the Concentrate and no dab rig required!

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