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Ghost Train Haze

Sweet floral notes with hard-hitting cerebral stimulation.

Golden Goat

Pungent tropical aroma with intense sativa effects.

Lemon Diesel

Uplifting citrus & diesel classic that encourages positive mood & creativity.

Sour Diesel

Pungently sour sativa favorite that provides focused energy & creativity.


Potent floral aroma with an active, energetic buzz.


Sweet, earthy classic that uplifts mood and increases appetite.


Mild citrus notes with a hint of floral essence and a creative, happy high.

Joe Fix

Description coming soon.


Smooth and fruity with a 20:1 CBD to THC ratio

Chimney Grass

Description coming soon.

Pineapple Trainwreck

Potent buds that hit hard but mellow into a smooth, happy high.

J.R. Cash

Description coming soon.

Blueberry Lemonade

Description coming soon.

Pipe Dreams

Mild fruity flavor and an energizing euphoria.

Danky Kong

Well-balanced, socially uplifting with a strong skunky aroma.

Rocket Fuel

Mentally stimulating with a pungent diesel aroma.

Head Band

Powerful cerebral effects with notes of diesel & citrus.

Chemdawg X

Incredibly pungent OG funk aroma with well-balanced relaxing & uplifting effects.


Mild fruity flavor and an energizing euphoria.

Clementine Kush

Distinctive sweet citrus aroma and flavor.

Downvalley Kush

Description Coming Soon.


Super pungent skunky smell with powerfully relaxing euphoric effects.

Purple Rockstar Kush

Heavily relaxing and medicinal, with classic kush flavor.

K. Kush

Calming, relieving effects for both Med and Rec users.

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